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Actually, I´m in Producciones de la 5ta Avenida

Actually, I´m in Producciones de la 5ta Avenida

Claudia Calviño likes to make films in Havana because "there are still many things to say about our reality". And Havana needs women like Claudia, with her desire to do, her positive strength and good character, as well as her independent film production company, 5th Avenue Productions.

Claudia Calviño Producciones de la 5ta Avenida


In 2004 Claudia's production group managed to talk about independent film in Cuba when that term was still a utopia, and think it would work, a total craziness.

Then they prove they really could make excellent movies. One of them, Juan of the Dead, won a Goya in 2013 and the others recognized awards. Santa and Andrés generated tremendous controversy. In the most heated debates about Cuban cinema, which were very frequent a few years ago, the producer will always be talked about. And today, despite the thousand obstacles and the state of silence that exists around Cuban cinema, they are producing Celeste García's Extraordinary Journey.


Before arriving at 5th Avenue Productions, Claudia studied at the Peasant Worker Faculty; at FAMCA; she made production in Mexico, in Spain ... until, fortunately, she listened once to Sandy Lieberson, American producer, at the EICTV, saying that in this profession you had to be creative, enterprising and you should have responsibilities and goals besides making budgets and organizing shoots. That's when she decided to be a producer, author, creator as well as an entrepreneur and negotiator.

And that’s a fortunate for us all. Because women like Claudia, wherever they are, are necessary not only for 5th Avenue Productions, but also for the cinema, for Havana and for the new Cuba where we are living.

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