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Clandestina Is Now Online!

Hola Gallinas! 

That means “Hello Chickens!” In case you haven’t heard, the chickens in Cuba have been stressed out ever since Irma, and they haven’t been laying eggs! Well, we’ve been pretty stressed too these past few days, but we’re proud to say that these chickens have laid ONE BIG EGG.

Today we’re very excited to announce that our Clandestina t-shirts will official be available for purchase ONLINE! We know, we’re surprised too. We’ve barely had any internet the past week.

We’ve selected six very special designs for you, celebrating different kind of revolutionary spirit, standing in defiance, telling others to get out of our way and, as always, bemoaning the lack of decent wifi.

Of course, we have our classics too: Actually, we’re 99% Cuban design.

All our shirts are 100% Cuban designed and printed in the good ol’ US of A. Yep, seriously.

Please check out the designs, take a look at the site, and feel free to buy or just offer some words of support. We’re very proud to bring you this, and grateful for the help we’ve had along the way. Thank you all so, so much.

It certainly hasn’t been easy, and we’re honestly still not sure if we’ll be able to pull it off. We wish we could say the challenges were over, but today we forget about all that. Today is the day we take #ClandestinaOnline and tell anyone else like us that’s stressed, or worried, or concerned about the future, to #RelajateGallina


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