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Greetings from Cuba: The No Winter Island!

Greetings from Cuba: The No Winter Island!

We are back, fellows! Clandestina’s 2021 collection No Winter Island rockets New York from the very heart of Manhattan to the rest of the world.

The collection is crafted from 100% Recycled Cotton, obtained from the recuperation and transformation of fabric cutting waste into manufactured premium textiles. Clandestina joined efforts with Giotex, one of the most important companies in the Americas regarding production of sustainable textiles, who has worked with brands like Patagonia due to its chemical-free and low environmental impact processes.

Clandestina at The Canvas

We have launched the No Winter Island collection at The Canvas, powered by Querencia Studio, Bowery, NYC, and at worldwide.

Clandestina, Cuba’s first sustainable fashion brand, takes new steps into NY, broadening its alliance with the US brand The Canvas, outstanding reference within the sustainable fashion scope in the States. From September 12th, 2019, Clandestina expanded globally through a partnership agreement with The Canvas, with the opening of a permanent corner at Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, which now extends to Bowery, a new sustainable fashion hotspot in the big apple.

As President Devin Gilmartin states:

"Clandestina and The Canvas have been in close collaboration since 2019, deciding to extend what was originally a short term pop up to be a long term partnership. Since then, we've exchanged ideas, travelled between Havana and New York for collaborations, and shared our passion for building a global and connected community. With the state of the world as it is, we've decided to find new ways to work together. This next collaboration brings the spirit of Havana to The Canvas Bowery. The Canvas' continued partnership with Clandestina goes beyond fashion. We are honored to be a part of their story and help share with the world despite the current circumstances."

Clandestina The Canvas Bowery

Products have certified traceability and sustainable origin of raw materials + environmental and social responsible process. The certification allows Giotex to offer the traceability of each product and the guarantee that the processes involved are chemical-free and have a low environmental impact.

The Caribbean region, tremendously affected by climate change and global warming effects, has encouraged these industry players to work together towards a worldwide ethical fashion model in the midst of the global crisis.



No winter island Clandestina Cuba

Cuba, the tropical Paradise where Canadian tourists have been sunburned for decades, remains to be our main subject.

No Winter Island (NOWI) targets the idea of global warming, although it’s also related to our permanent summery Caribbean state without properly naming it. The challenge, indeed, is to communicate the sense of the island, the tropical vibes, from a place where snow and winter are also a metaphor of colonization. 

Some of our brand’s bestsellers like “actually, I’m in Havana”, “Drama is over” and “asere ya” are revealed in unforeseen versions to date. So if you fancy to broaden your Clandestina collection, now is the time.

If you are curious and dare enough to take a step deeper into the Cuban culture, you might definitely fancy two visually different designs we have save for this opportunity.

One design shows syncretic culture, which has a lot to do with colors and necklaces, quite attractive and folkloric. This t-shirt is meant for someone who wants to go a little deeper, go to the next level. In the back of the tee states “Orula protégenos” - Orula protect us, a prayer to the Cuban Orisha known for revealing the signs from higher creators, the one responsible to protect humans from doom and death.  




Image 1
Image 2

Our Co-founder and Creative Director, Idania del Rio, feels that “with NOWI, we aim to find that language, a design bridge where anyone, no matter where they’re come from, can exactly understand what we are talking about”.

Clandestina’s new collection verses over Cuba, the island, the tropical hotspot, the isolated and distanced land in the heart of the Caribbean Sea… But we invite you to unravel the unknown through a bit of fun, humor and 99% Cuban design. Because nothing is perfect, right?



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