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It's just a matter of love

It's just a matter of love

Lidia Romero Moreno or Yiya, as we affectionately call her in Clandestina, is a committed activist for sexual rights. We interviewed her for our blog because of the World Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. And because the story of someone who is dedicated, every day, with real actions, to fight for the recognition of LGTBIQ rights must be told.

Lidia Romero Clandestina Cuba

The project in which Yiya participates is in favor of marriage between people of the same sex and it's called Acepto Cuba. As he tells us, they pretend to speak from love as a virtue "to validate that we have been born free and equal in dignity and rights, that we are not asking for different or new rights, but that universal ones, recognized by the mere fact of having born".

The idea of ​​the project is not to convince, but that people understand the need of the LGTBIQ community to be part of a Cuba that is becoming more inclusive every day. "We are interested, says Yiya, to unite wills, both of LGTBIQ people and of heterosexual people who are in favor of the inclusion of people with gender identities and gender orientation, different from the hetero-normative".

Although Yiya has a lot of worries, and desires to solve them, there are two that especially worry her. One is the current situation of trans women, submerged in marginality because of their recognition by the State and, another, is the increasingly expanded school bullying.

Yiya is clear, her work as an activist is never going to stop because, although in Cuba the marriage between people of the same sex will be approved, that law will not be enough. "They can equalize us before society on issues of law and equity, but they will not solve the problem of homophobia and the stigma to which LGTBIQ people, in Cuba, have been pushed for years".

"In any case, progress has been made in some things: more spaces to share experiences, new and important alliances and, at least, there are people interested and working on change things ". Yiya: we are with you! Count on us!

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