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Relájate Gallina, el Gabo is in da House

Relájate Gallina, el Gabo is in da House

Idania del Río has been eager for 3 years to start working with more designers in the house. To enhance the creative part, to boost the art and to make the creation department grow. Idania says that "star selling online was the perfect excuse because it forces you to take a delirious creative rhythm (new products, designs, marketing content, social networks) and create a team of professionals that understand the brand, who will assume it and build it at the same pace".

But beyond that, the truth is that Clandestina, after 3 years of searching, ups and downs, of successes and failures, has matured and has become the first urban Cuban fashion brand. And that needs powerful designers, creative minds who have their own vision, but at the same time absorb the brand, and are able to transmit all that to an increasingly broad and diverse audience.

And the challenge was difficult. Because in Cuba there is no market, no fashion industry, not even design houses with enough experience. You cannot ask a designer overnight to do something so distant from its context. But Idania was sure that "a professional with a sense of fashion, with good taste and a contemporary aesthetic projection could be asked for anything".

And Gabo is that guy. The one that put Vistar Magazine, along with Robin Pedraja, in the spotlight; the fashion designer ultra-aware of what is moving the fashion industry and the art scene; the guy with the clearest ideas of how a Cuban urban fashion brand should be in the 21st century.

Gabriel Lara Cuba Habana Clandestina

"I knew Gabo (Gabriel Lara) a long time ago, we coincided in many events and design projects. I was following his inclination for street art, graffiti, and his work in Vistar magazine, and he caught my attention because he was a very versatile designer", said Idania.

Gabo has all these qualities and has integrated really fast to the Clandestina team. His first work was the memorable Relájate Gallina of 2017, the visual campaign to launch the online store. "The chickens were stressed and did not lay eggs, you had to make a party to relax them" says Gabo as he is laughing out loud. 

Now he is fully involved in the Havana Edition campaign, a collection to honor Havana in its 500th anniversary. The first design that will come out is Havana Metal, a tribute to the Havana who lived the rock of the 80s and the 90s. An underground Havana. The following inspirations and designs will come out very soon.

El Gabo is in the house and Clandestina loves him!!!

99% Cuban Design Cuba Cuban Design Gabo Gabriel Lara Habana Habana Metal

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