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Startup Cuba, and Clandestina

Startup Cuba, and Clandestina

Ken and Tamara from Startup Cuba have returned with their good humor and good vibes. They tell us that their project is getting bigger. They are happy. They told us that their latest video has almost reached one million views, that they have been in Puerto Rico, that they want to return next year and continue filming here, and that, although there is a lot of work ahead, they are super happy with the results.

verv tv cuba havana clandestina and Startup Cuba have been on the island for a year doing what they have called: "A raw, unvarnished journey into the Latino stories that matter." Narrating the new Cuba of the entrepreneurs, building bridges between the new generations here and there and inviting everyone to "a journey beneath the surface of the grittiest & most inspiring startup scene on the planet”.

We tell them our story, which is a lot. The thousand things we are doing and the huge challenge that is selling on-line. Digital marketing is very complicated. In Cuba there is no culture of that and the truth is that sometimes we are completely lost. Some other times we hit the mark and move forward. We also have many people who help us and that's fine, "help". Then we discuss ideas and think collaborations. It would be good to do something together, says Idania. Ken and Tamara smile. We are sure that they already have something in mind.

We agreed to see each other later. To see the episode where Ken comes with us to La Cuevita and discovers the world of Cuban raw materials. Well, watch the video and celebrate, of course, with some mojitos and some beers and with music from PAUZA. Because that's how things are solved here, in Cuba, quietly. And that's how good collaborations arise.


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