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99% Cuban Design

Cristina Figueroa and the artistic reinvention of Havana

Cristina Figueroa Vives manages one of the most important and prestigious independent art galleries in Havana.
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Relájate Gallina, el Gabo is in da House

Gabo has all these qualities and has integrated really fast to the Clandestina team. His first work was the memorable Relájate Gallina of 2017, the visual campaign to launch the online store.
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Joyful funk from a Cimarrón

Now one of Havana’s most unique emerging artists in Havana, he got his big break when he was invited to sing in the choir of the famous Raúl Paz, a fellow pinareño.
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Actually, we made it to Amazon

Starting today, Clandestina is available on Amazon. Another dream come true!
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Five things that only happen in a Cuban almendrón

The almendrones, as they are known in Cuba due to their resemblance with a rusty, metalic almond, are today, next to tobacco and rum, one of the main attractions for tourism in the island.
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