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The future of Cuba: The Internet and the New Family Code

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Imagine this scenario: A lesbian couple files for custody of three minors in Cuba, after their mother dies prematurely in 2017.

Now find out the result: The municipal court of Boyeros issues a ruling in favor of the couple, highlighting that "it has been well defined that Violeta (the grandmother of children) holds, in fact, the guard and care of her three grandchildren, together with the help from their godmother (Isabel, her partner), thus solving the material and spiritual needs of the children ... "

And the court goes on: "The legal system must be compatible and correspond to the reality that develops. That is why our legal system does not fall short of expectations, and has begun to recognize the rights of the extended family and the connections they share with the minors, considering the judges that with this act protect and guarantee the rights of the infants to grow up in a family that will love them."

When things like this happen, one thinks that Cuba, finally, is entering the 21st century. There is Internet in the parks, in the houses and soon in the cell phones. And now a lesbian couple legally guards their grandchildren. Here we go.

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