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Cuba Clandestina Havana 3 años aniversario

Three Years in the Struggle

Today Clandestina celebrates its birthday! We’re three years old! Three years of luchita, the struggle, as the Cubans say. Three years of Resistir and Vencer, resisting and overcoming the pain and joy that made it feel like it was thirty. To be honest, it was more three years in “the war” than in “the struggle”.

Three years of big changes. Of moving two steps forward and one step back. Of thaws, and then returning to the Iceage. There’s no winter in Cuba! Three years filled with Obama meeting with entrepreneurs, Fast and the Furious on the Malecon, Chanel on Prado and Justin Trudeau talking about our shirts on the Great Hall of the University of Havana. Three beautiful years.


Three years in which thousands of Friends visited our shop in Old Havana, from all parts of the world. From Canada to New Zealand. And from China to Patagonia. People who wear with pride our actually I’m in havana t-shirts and who, after stopping by our shop, are also 99% diseño cubano.

Three years of Vintrashe, upcycling, sustainable fashion and circular economy. Trying to convert fashion world in a cleaner and more ethical ground.

Three years in which we finally achieved our greatest dream: launching our online store. With the internet from the parks of Cuba. We’re just starting out and still finding our customers, but we’re excited to keep going. Because of you! Because of our friends who always support us and inspire us to move forward. To keep doing more with less. Because we Cubans are not afraid of global warming.

Three years of sacrifice, insomnia, sweat, tears, smiles and a lot of parties...Three years that will soon be five and ten and twenty. Because if we're sure of something, it's that we still have Clandestina for a while.

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