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What’s behind a t-shirt made of 100% recycled cotton?

What’s behind a t-shirt made of 100% recycled cotton?

What’s behind a t-shirt made of 100% recycled cotton? Mostly a choice, for sure. The major election of becoming an eco-friendly superhuman who wears a product, not only crafted through chemical-free and low environmental impact processes, but also to be someone who reflects a strong commitment towards the planet.

That’s why we choose to work with responsible textiles. In the midst of the current global crisis we aim to offer an ethical solution. And while we shift people perceptions on recovered materials and fashion values (‘cause upcyling in the new cool), we raise awareness on how this sector owns a huge responsibility to the environment and to the future of the earth.

Our new collection No Winter Island is a subtle reminder of the problem. With 12 designs printed on 100% recycled cotton t-shirts, NOWI arrived in New York a month ago carrying a rock-solid sustainable statement.

The Caribbean region, tremendously affected by climate change, made us gathered regional efforts with the Mexican producer Giotex in order to achieve a worldwide ethical fashion model.

Tara about Clandestina:

Clandestina are a force to be reckoned with in the (sustainable) fashion world.  They approach all of their initiatives first and foremost with integrity embedded in their design process, social justice in manufacturing and environmental activism in their material choices.  Despite being limited by a hyper local supply chain and little access to resources they have approached the design process in a very innovative way, applying creative solutions to what others might see as problems. I frequently point to Clandestina as an example of things can be done differently.

Climate change is a real issue, for real. If you are skeptical about it, try to stand in the middle of Old Havana at noon without feeling your bones melting down the cobblestones (nothing that a mojito can’t fix, you might think ;)


But seriously, for Caribbean countries global warming has a serious impact on the temperatures of oceans and seas, especially during the hurricane season. We fear those months of the year, where there’s no enough candles or prayers to scare away the wind blow and save our already wrecked economies from drowning.

From July to November in Cuba, hurricanes threaten holidays till August, and the early days of school in September. The Civil Defense recalls the risks and measures to be taken (no exceptions allowed):


The Caribbean is not always the holiday postcard you’ve seen in tourism offices. We struggle with climate, lack of resources and proper industries, and last but not least, deficit of worldwide recognition.


Colonialism prevails in the most unconscious ways. What developing countries now acknowledge as “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are the founding basis of our colonized societies. The remnants left by history and erratic social structures still lead the way on how things work in the modern world.

Like the palm in the picture, we might bend a little during the storm but then straight up again. ‘Cause that’s what we Cuban do our best: “Resolve with what you have. Resist and overcome.”

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