Clandestina champions LGBTQ+ Community in Cuba: a lesson on resilience and driving social change

Clandestina champions LGBTQ+ Community in Cuba: a lesson on resilience and driving social change

Clandestina is a queer-owned and women-led company located in a very male-dominated country: Cuba. It’s a country that reinvents itself daily and is going through one of the most serious and profound crisis to date.

Being queer, being a woman and being an entrepreneur is not easy anywhere on the planet. And in Cuba it’s even more of a challenge. With nine years of experience behind us, there is a single value that has been key to facing all challenges: resilience. This, together with a serious dedication to producing coherent, creative work, has allowed us to carry forward our
values and attributes of the brand.

One of the keys to the Clandestina brand is the integration of these values into our business model. Founding Clandestina in 2015 meant causing a radical change in Cuban society. Clandestina has shown that independent small businesses can generate positive change to improve quality of life, promote social dialogue and generate a sense of confidence in the

The road has not been an easy one, but Cuba is a very different country than it was ten years ago. It has changed a lot. This new Cuba has changed its social perception, especially about being a woman, being queer, and being an entrepreneur. And in that change Clandestina has been a decisive leader. We are very proud to be part of the island's history, we are very proud to be queer, to be women and to be entrepreneurs.

We met “the Kirrins” as we call them about five years ago thanks to a mutual friend. We are very happy and proud that, years later, we have been able to partner on a beautiful collaboration as part of their “Dapper Scout” content series in celebration of Pride month. As part of rewarding our shared LGBTQ community, Clandestina customers will receive 15% off* their first Kirrin Finch purchase with the code 15Clandestina, redeemable at

*Discount available for Kirrin Finch first time customers only and redeemable from 6/12/24-6/24/24.

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