Level 9 Unlocked

Level 9 Unlocked

We just turned 9 years old and are so happy that we cannot fit happiness in our big bags! For us, a birthday is the perfect excuse to continue working, bring new products to our online store and plan a new pop-up in the US. Soon we will make our new Souvenir 2024 collection available in the US through a new on-demand offering, creating Cuban-made products made just for you.

We will also announce a new pop-up location soon. We’ve already had pop-up stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Seattle, Santa Fe and Washington D.C. If you can guess the location of our next pop-up in, you will earn a duro frio in Havana! Stay tuned!

Watch out, because this year, Clandestina comes to play!

New!!!: Activated a new level of payment processing. We already have a payment gateway!


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