Melting heart: Happy Valentine's Day

Melting heart: Happy Valentine's Day

Our hearts are not made of chocolate, cream, or strawberry ice cream, but they melt anyway. It will be because of the sun, it will be because of our sangre caliente because nothing is perfect here.

The truth is that in the imperfection the matter is altered, its shape changes and a heart is no longer perfect. It elongates and looks more like an ice cream that spills over the edges of the wafer. And so we are happy and celebrate melted love because hearts lose their shapes when they come into contact with other hearts. Greetings to love! Greetings to everyone who knows how to celebrate it!

The image of Clandestina in the US is a melting heart. Because only from love can we enjoy and learn to respect ourselves. So let us also celebrate today the love that we receive from all of you, which fills us with energy and courage to always look forward.

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