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Welcome to our store in Old Havana

Idania met Leire and together they decided to embark on the craziest journey of their lives. That was five years ago, when Raúl Castro announced the first economic changes on the island.

Old Havana Store

To Idania, it was clear: they had to take advantage of the opportunity and build a design studio, a studio from which they would build the first Cuban urban fashion brand. And that’s how these two founded Clandestina – 99% Cuban Design.

Old Havana Store

And so, on February 12th 2015, Clandestina opened its doors for the first time at #403 Villegas, between Teniente Rey and Muralla in Old Havana, becoming the first independent design store in Cuba. That day, the first article of Clandestina clothing saw the light. It was a graphic t-shirt that said 99% Diseño Cubano.

Old Havana StoreOld Havana Store

Clandestina workshop Old Havana

Three years later, Villegas street began housing a design, creation, and experimentation lab—a printing and finishing workshop, a store that receives 40,000 clients a year, and an office that manages a global sales operation.

Because Clandestina sells globally!

Old Havana Store

Actually Clandestina is in Havana