Dear friends:

As many of you know, our online store has¬†been down for some months now ūüėę but do not despair ‚Äėcause we have a blast event in NYC this week. I know its short notice but we cubans are spontaneous like that.

It is our absolute pleasure to invite you to Metavelso 02 by Clandestina at The Canvas 3.0 (World Trade Center Ground Floor) this friday Dec 16th presenting the Clandestina Archives. A series of files that define the expression of the brand. From political satire to pure absurdity, this is how we communicate our brand beyond products and marketing strategies.

This is the pure spirit of Clandestina. Please join us at Clandestina's NFT genesis drop and select pieces from our last collection on full display at The Canvas' first event blending digital and physical.

If you are not in New York for the event, share the date with your family & friends.

Thank you for all the support, so much good stuff coming soon, you gotta stay tuned cuz Clandestina is expanding!

Idania & Leire